Observant fans will note that cece wears the top that mrs D bought



omg I think you are right!!image


yeah it said it in the script as a side note hahaha 

Alison and Caleb have never met. That’s a pairing we’ve never seen. He comes in knowing about this persona, this mythical figure Alison, and now he gets to meet her for real. That’s going to be chemistry we get to see.

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what???? I totally (almost, sorta kinda, maybe) already called this!!!

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Since people still don’t get it

  1. All those pictures Ezra had, he did not take them. He hired a PI to help watch over the girls and for him to try and figure out who A was. And the pictures he already had, Mona gave to him.
  2. When Ezra started the book again, he then found…

does anyone know of a tumblr that has the full episode of season 4 episode 24 posted? or certain websites? I was working during the finale & havent been able to watch it and cant on certain websites.


E.F.- Ezra Fitz or Emily Fields?


E.F.- Ezra Fitz or Emily Fields?


I don’t understand this Shana story line.

Didn’t she move to Rosewood from New York, to live with her aunt? But was born in SC?

But now apparently she lived in Georgia..?

And if shes “keeping her enemies close” in her working with Jenna, does that also make Melissa an enemy since they were all working together the night of the fire?

Or is that just another of the many dropped story lines?



So i’m thinking maybe Ali was the one who pushed Ian off the bell tower? She came to the rescue to save Spencer. However remember Ian said “What’re you doing here?” in a way in which he seemed to have known the person, therefore meaning he would have known Alison didn’t die. It’s just a theory but…



Also, we were told by Alison the she doesn’t trust Aria, Spencer, and Hanna. This first of all means she has probably been watching them. But I think this could have something to do with Ali and where she said the girls really know more about that night than they think they do. So maybe this lack…

A Ending Scene:


A rips the picture of Ali and Shana in half and burns Shana’s half of the picture. So whoever this is specifically didn’t burn Ali’s half. Is there a reason for that? Wouldn’t A hate Ali too?

So who did it?

It couldn’t have been Ezra. He was too busy eating cake and being creepy with Aria.



Wait guys, I’m rewatching old episodes and what if Ali was pregnant?! We all assumed that she wasn’t, because of the autopsy report or whatever… Now we know she’s alive. It’s been over a year since her disappearance. What if she did have a baby?

I’m watching episode 3x17, btw!